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A Casaredo

We produce quality food, with social and environmental responsibility. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients.

In the south of Brazil, São Lourenço do Oeste, Casaredo has been producing, for more than 50 years, food that tastes like family. Born in an own mill, Casaredo operated in the fields of wheat and corn flour with which gave origin to the traditional flour Libardoni. Today, Casaredo has a variety of more than 100 products and is present throughout Brazil, with 30,000 sale points, and it is also exporting to countries around the world. Casaredo products are inspired by the good moments with the family. Including yours.
Casaredo products are made according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for foods comprising a set of rules applied in the production process to maintain basic parameters of quality of the preparation of every product. All this plus the perfect personal hygiene of employees, who are continually qualified through internal training programs. The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) control critical points that may arise in the process, all this in order to maintain the quality of flours, pasta and cookies. This ensures a taste of quality, a taste of family.
Casaredo believes that the main responsible for the manufacture of its products must be valued, that is why we invest in human capital and valuing people:
  • Profits Share Program;
  • Childcare Allowance;
  • Health Plan for employees and their families;
  • Library for employees and their families;
  • Events to integrate employees and their families;
  • Voluntary work incentive program;
  • Education Allowance;
  • Labor Gymnastics in the Company.
Casaredo adopts ecologically correct measures that contribute to the balance of the planet:
  • Conservation and reforestation area by planting native trees;
  • Reducing consumption of natural resources such as water and energy;
  • Collection of rain water for garden irrigation;
  • Thermal insulation reducing energy consumption;
  • Management, selection and disposal of manufacturing wastes;
  • Treatment of effluents complying with CONAMA (National Environment Council) standards.

Our beliefs

Produce quality food, with environmental responsibility, choosing customer satisfaction as our main goal and to be recognized among the best food companies in Brazil for the quality of its products and for its innovation.

Our Values

Respect and ethics in relationships with customers, consumers, employees and suppliers. Commitment to quality.

Sales Channel

Our sales channel is always prepared to assist you, please contact us by phone or use the form beside

+55 (49) 3344 8000

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