"Family Flavor". This expression is much more than our slogan. This is what translates our essence, which is to do everything with much care and as good as possible.

And it is like that since we created our first product, the traditional Libardoni flour, 50 years ago, in a simple mill in the City of São Lourenço do Oeste - SC.

From then to now, much has changed: We increased our mix to over 100 products; we invested in technology; We became a brand known in and out of the country… But if there is something that never changes, it is the love we have for what we do.

And this is why everything has a family flavor. Because it has love, has care, has inspiration. To share a Casaredo product with whom you love is a guarantee of much flavor and unforgettable moments.


All production is carried out according to the food GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, comprised of one set of rules applied in the productive process, to maintain quality parameters in the elaboration of each product. All that, in addition to the perfect personal hygiene of the collaborators, which are constantly capacitated by the internal training programs.

Through the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), the critical points which may appear in the process are controlled, with the purpose of maintaining the quality in the flours, pasta and cookies. Which ensures a quality flavor, a family flavor.

Social responsibility

Constant investment in what a company has of most valuable: people

  • Day care aid;
  • Health Care to collaborators and family members;
  • Library for collaborators and family members;
  • Integration events among collaborators and family members;
  • Voluntary work encouragement program;
  • Education aid;
  • Labor gymnastics at the company.

Ecologic responsibility

The commitment of cultivating in the present the legacy for the world we want to see in the future.

  • Preservation area and reforesting with the planting of native trees;
  • Reducers of consumption of natural resources such as water and energy;
  • Rain water capture for gardens irrigation;
  • Thermal isolation with reduction in the energy consumption;
  • Management, selection and destination of manufacturing resources;
  • Treatment of effluents which fulfill the Conama (National Environment Council) standards.

What we believe in

Producing quality foods, with socioenvironmental responsibility, electing customers’ satisfaction as our main goal, to be acknowledge among the best food companies in Brazil for the quality of their products and for their innovation.

Our values

  • Respect and ethics in the relations with clients, consumers, employees and suppliers;
  • Commitment with quality;
  • Appreciation of people as an essential factor for success.